About us

what would you do when a hobby generates income? save it for white beaches and a piña coladas….

“On second thought, maybe we wont keep this for ourselves,” say the founders Marleen en Jan Peter Kruiger.
We have been happily married for over 35 years and we make enough to support our needs.

We are greatly impressed by the love of Jesus Christ, and like him, wont accept the sometimes grim situations in Africa.
It is our humble vision to do something very concrete on a small scale.
How it all started
We discovered our fascination for the hatching eggs and raising the chicks years ago. At one moment in time, we accumulated quite a lot of qualis, and we discovered interest in the quail egg. From this moment forward, the quails and their eggs produced income. Also at this time, we read a research paper from the Makerere university of Kampala in Uganda. It Concluded that quails could very well be a very healthy source of nurturing for families. Especially because of the lack of protein which is a big problem in most of Africa. As of 2011, Ugandese friends have started hatching and breeding quail eggs and chicks in the beautifull African Continent.

The Foundation Quails for Africa
KvK 54890284
ANBI since 9th of march 2012
Fiscal number: 8514 80 135.

Adres :
Secretariaat Kwartels voor Afrika
Nijenrodelaan 123
3554 TZ Utrecht

Patments, gifts and Donations:

IBAN NL77 TRIO 0254 7112 43  for “Stichting Kwartels voor Afrika”

The Management Team

ChairmanJaco de Groot 

Secretary: Gerdien Nijhuis – de Graaff

Treaurer: Robert Nijhuis

President: Marleen Kruiger – van Loon

Member: Jan Peter Kruiger

Reward Policy:
Members of the management team receive nor request payments of any sorts for costs due to travel or gatherings. The foundation does not pay for meetings, neither does it employ anyone.

Although any costs directly related to the production or marketing of eggs and chicks.

Annual Reports:
The annual report of the activities in 2013 is possible to be viewd here: jaarverslag q4a 2013

The annual report of the activities in 2014 is possible to be viewd here:  Q4A jaarverslag 2014

Financial Reports:
The annual financial report of  2013 is possible to be viewd here: financieel jaaroverzicht q4a 2013

The annual financial report of  2014 is possible to be viewd here:  jaarverslag 2014.pdf