The Organisation Pefo has contact with well over 800 grannies. they have Miss Granny contests, they teach them how to cultivate crops, keep livestock an even building brick homes. de employees of Pefo work hard to improve the living situation of these grannies, and their orpahned grandchildren, in the most ways possible.

The health of these grannies is more often than not suffering from a very unilateral nutrition. When visited, the ladies reportet to feel better after having eaten a few of the eggs.
THe effect is probably so evident, because the protein in these eggs is a very welcome addition to their unvaried diet.

PEFO Narrative Report Jan June 2015


uganda (19)
Pefo Granny Group I with Emma from Pefo and Marleen
Kuikens in Granny hands



Granny Group Pefo
Pefo Granny Group III


uganda (4)
Pefo Granny Group II